2018 Superbowl Commercials

This commercial is effective in a way showing that the NFL is fun and is not always serious. This commercial shows mostly of the two stars of the New York Giants, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. They show a sense that it is not always serious by doing a dance closely near similar to an 80’s movie called “Dirty Dancing”. They ended the commercial with the song “I’ve Had the Time of my Life” which was also in the movie and the final dance scene where one of the characters would lift up the other.

This commercial is effective in showing that Monster Headphones could be a big step up compared to the classic wired headphones. Shows how big stars are using it like Iggy Azalea for example. The man who portrays then man who made the headphones is a big youtuber, also showing that not just music stars are using it but across the entertainment business is using it. It shows how once people gave the headphones a chance, they began to like it and shows how companies are trying to get people to go into wireless headphones and they are more useful in a way .

This commercial is effective by showing the Jeep Wrangler in a different place other than roads. It shows the Jeep Wrangler going through a pond or stream. No ordinary car is able to do that and make it out alive and running. Shows how the car is very rugged and very well equipped to put up with whatever goes its way.

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