Reflection on Capstone Research Project

What I learned during this research project is the career of a Physical Therapist. I learned that a Physical Therapist has to undergo many things just to become one. Like schooling for example. On this presentation, I think I did the best I could. I was able to get everyone’s attention at the beginning of my presentation by stating my topic of Physical Therapy, explain what Physical Therapy is, and do an example of it in class. I was able to grab a volunteer and perform exercises to show what a Physical  Therapist would do. I was also able to share the facts I found about the profession. I was able to describe my personal experience with it through job shadowing.  My presentation had proper grammar that was appropriate and correct. I think my presentation was able to display and clarify information, strengthen my claims and evidence, and also add interest in it. Some presentation techniques I will use for another presentation is speaking out, making eye contact, and try to be loose and relaxed while presenting. Something I would’ve done differently would be knowing more exercises to show the class. I showed two exercises that was involving the knee. I think it would’ve been nice if I was able to do more. If I could present my presentation again, I wouldn’t talk too quick or get nervous and stutter. I would try to keep myself at a steady pace.

Audience Reflection

  1. Citizenfour
  2.  Chasing Ice
  3. Undefeated
  4.  Vaccine Calling the Shots
  5. The Hunting Ground.

This is the order that I would want to watch the movies in due to my interests. Citzenfour is generally about the government and how they give out secretive information. I am into these government stories so I would enjoy this. Chasing Ice is a documentary about how the ice itself is melting and the global warming is an actual thing. I love a good documentary.  Undefeated could relate to anyone who has the motivation to push harder. I think this movie would be a good message for those who are athletes and need the mindset to push.  Vaccine Calling the Shots is a documentary about vaccines that caused harm. This documentary would be a good option to those interested into the medical field. Lastly, The Hunting Ground is a story about big colleges not giving big awareness about the unwanted sexual conducts on the female students. This would be an important movie to watch if you like spreading awareness of the sexes.

Prescription Drugs Summary

I read the article about the 35 FDA approved Prescription drugs. Overall, the whole thing is about the 35 approved drugs, there effects, and when they started selling and when they discontinued it. The importance of this issue is very high. It is very high because people don’t understand what is going on about it. Prescription drugs, when used incorrectly, or taken at a high amount, it is fatal. People do not realize how dangerous it actually is. Many people have died and have suffered due to misuse of prescription drugs. Some prescription drugs have terrible side effects that some consumers don’t know about. For example, Accutane has a problem for pregnant women. When pregnant and you consume Accutane, your baby has the probability to have birth defects, miscarriages, and  premature births.  This drug is made for treating acne. I personally think, that it is up to the user. I would hope the user talks to a professional doctor before taking it and does research. I know some experience about one of the drugs on the list.  So there are risks into taking prescription drugs. There is a risk into taking any drug to be honest. Like I said though, it is up to the user if one wants to try it and take the side effects. Although what is said, is not always possible to happen. Like back to Accutane. Experiences that I know about Accutane, did not all happen. With Accutane, there was a monthly blood check to make sure it does not kill your liver.

Do you think it should be up to the user?

What can Doctors do to help slow down the issue?

2018 Superbowl Commercials

This commercial is effective in a way showing that the NFL is fun and is not always serious. This commercial shows mostly of the two stars of the New York Giants, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. They show a sense that it is not always serious by doing a dance closely near similar to an 80’s movie called “Dirty Dancing”. They ended the commercial with the song “I’ve Had the Time of my Life” which was also in the movie and the final dance scene where one of the characters would lift up the other.

This commercial is effective in showing that Monster Headphones could be a big step up compared to the classic wired headphones. Shows how big stars are using it like Iggy Azalea for example. The man who portrays then man who made the headphones is a big youtuber, also showing that not just music stars are using it but across the entertainment business is using it. It shows how once people gave the headphones a chance, they began to like it and shows how companies are trying to get people to go into wireless headphones and they are more useful in a way .

This commercial is effective by showing the Jeep Wrangler in a different place other than roads. It shows the Jeep Wrangler going through a pond or stream. No ordinary car is able to do that and make it out alive and running. Shows how the car is very rugged and very well equipped to put up with whatever goes its way.

Play-Doh Treble Clef

This right here, I made a Treble Clef. It is a sign in music. Myself, I sing a Bass Clef in choir but I think a treble clef is much more distinctive to the eye. People who don’t know music, probably knows that sign. I made a treble clef because music is a great thing. To me, music helps you express yourself. When first told about this in class, I knew instantly I wanted it to be lifting or music related. Music is such an important thing to me. As well as the gym. I would say this relates to the writing process in many ways. To make a creation, any creation, you would have to have an idea on what you want to create. Just like in writing, you kind of what to have an idea on what you want to write about. The the process of creating. Some people are able to get it in one try, call it a day, and turn it in. If you want it to be perfect, you’ll go through many rebuilds and new thoughts along the way. In writing, you have rough drafts, which would be a rebuild in creating. Then adding more details in your creation, would be adding more information in your writing. Then comes to the final draft. Your last of the creation. The final piece that you would be willingly to present to people. Writing and the creative process is very similar to each other in these ways.

Social Issues In The United States

In the website ISIDEWITH, I picked a the topic about, if police officers should wear body cameras. A body camera is a camera that is on the body of an officer while on duty. A reason for that would be to monitor a police officer to show if they are in the right or wrong doing of the law. Mostly nowadays police officers of the law are being held accountable of many improper deaths and accusations from many civilians. Having a body cam on an officer will rightfully see if an officer is taking advantage of power or not. 80 percent of people, find that police officers should have it on them. It helps the safety of police officers and the safety of the citizens. Some think it would be beneficial to have them in the higher crime rated areas. On the other side of the argument, others think they shouldn’t wear it. That, or it should be up to the police officer and their department if they would want to wear one. They would have a choice of their own. I personally think it is a good idea to have police officers have the on them on duty. Just to  make sure they are doing their job right and not abusing power.


I chose a panda because it is an Asian animal. I’m just being honest. I like the panda because it is an exotic animal. They look nice to me. I like music alot and everything in or around it. Life, it would be boring to me with out it. I like to Love often and I am also shy.


My family, we don’t really have a tradition. Though for the last few years, something we do is eat all together just the four of us. My mom, my dad, my brother, and I, would sit at the table and eat. The food we eat is not like an every year thing. It varies. Something or some people I am thankful this year is for my family. Family is so important to me. It’s only the four of us so I enjoy when we are all together. One specific person I am thankful for this year is one of my good friends. I’m not going to say who it is but I am very thankful of meeting my friend this year. My friend has taught me many things. They taught me how to get out of my shell. I’m usually a shy guy at first and all that. My friend, I cannot describe what my friend makes me feel. Such a great human being. I will always be thankful for my family and thankful for the timing of meeting my friend.

Positive News

Last night was the A.M.A’s (American Music Awards). An artist by the name of Bruno Mars, has won 7 awards. 7 Awards is crazy. He is a very talented artist. He won , Artist of the Year, Music Videos of the Year for “That’s What I Like”, Favorite Male artist for Pop/rock, Favorite Album for “24k Magic”, Favorite Male Artist for Soul/RnB, Favorite Album for Soul/RnB,  and Favorite Song for “That’s What I Like”. He won all these awards in one night. Though, he was not even at the award show. Bruno Mars is such an amazing artist to me. His voice is something else. He has put out so many great songs, but this album really helped put his career even more out there which is a huge benefit to him. This album that he has made, it is such a huge success on his part because you can’t win 7 awards for a bad album. Mostly, “That’s What I Like”, one of his songs won 2 awards that night. It’s a huge accomplishment.