Reflection on Capstone Research Project

What I learned during this research project is the career of a Physical Therapist. I learned that a Physical Therapist has to undergo many things just to become one. Like schooling for example. On this presentation, I think I did the best I could. I was able to get everyone’s attention at the beginning of my presentation by stating my topic of Physical Therapy, explain what Physical Therapy is, and do an example of it in class. I was able to grab a volunteer and perform exercises to show what a Physical  Therapist would do. I was also able to share the facts I found about the profession. I was able to describe my personal experience with it through job shadowing.  My presentation had proper grammar that was appropriate and correct. I think my presentation was able to display and clarify information, strengthen my claims and evidence, and also add interest in it. Some presentation techniques I will use for another presentation is speaking out, making eye contact, and try to be loose and relaxed while presenting. Something I would’ve done differently would be knowing more exercises to show the class. I showed two exercises that was involving the knee. I think it would’ve been nice if I was able to do more. If I could present my presentation again, I wouldn’t talk too quick or get nervous and stutter. I would try to keep myself at a steady pace.

Audience Reflection

  1. Citizenfour
  2.  Chasing Ice
  3. Undefeated
  4.  Vaccine Calling the Shots
  5. The Hunting Ground.

This is the order that I would want to watch the movies in due to my interests. Citzenfour is generally about the government and how they give out secretive information. I am into these government stories so I would enjoy this. Chasing Ice is a documentary about how the ice itself is melting and the global warming is an actual thing. I love a good documentary.  Undefeated could relate to anyone who has the motivation to push harder. I think this movie would be a good message for those who are athletes and need the mindset to push.  Vaccine Calling the Shots is a documentary about vaccines that caused harm. This documentary would be a good option to those interested into the medical field. Lastly, The Hunting Ground is a story about big colleges not giving big awareness about the unwanted sexual conducts on the female students. This would be an important movie to watch if you like spreading awareness of the sexes.